au’thör, n. from augere, to cause to grow, increase

1. One who produces, creates, or brings into being;

2. The beginner, former or first mover of anything, as in one who writes a book or whose occupation is to compose and write books.

I grew up in Wahiawa and ever since I can remember, I dreamed of being an author. I spent weekends in our local library which was a wooden portable structure. Boards creaked as I browsed along the shelves. But the books transported me to yesterday, the future and worlds I could only imagine. Today my love of books, libraries and bookstores continues.

My mother remarked that the end of my nose was a book.  She'd tell me to go to sleep.  So after I turned off the lights, I read beneath my covers with a flashlight. How could I sleep if the story was exciting?

 And so my goal as an author is simple:

To write stories that don’t stumble in the beginning, sag in the middle or crumble at the end.

Stories that you, the reader, will enjoy reading!

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History of Fables

Writing and Illustrating Fables

A Guide to Writing Fables


My books are available for purchase from:

Mutual Publishing
UH Press

Books are also available from me.  I have the last of the print run of Fables from the Deep and Fables Beneath the Rainbow.

I would be happy to autograph and personalize your books.