It’s hard to say exactly when my story began.  Perhaps it happened when my father, a Japanese-American soldier from Hawai`i, met my German mother during Occupied Germany in 1947.  Or the night I met my future husband on a blind date.  Or any one of a thousand decisions that eventually led to my becoming a judge, author, artist, and educator.  One thing is for sure: many more chapters remain to be written. 



I grew up in Wahiawa and ever since I can remember, I dreamed of being an author. I spent weekends in our local library which was a wooden portable structure. Boards creaked as I browsed along the shelves. But the books transported me to yesterday, the future and worlds I could only imagine. Today my love of books, libraries and bookstores continues.


I work in watercolors and acrylics and prefer creating abstracts.  Ultimately I love creating colors.  64 crayons in a box were never enough.  As a child, I spent hours blending new colors and I’ve never stopped.


My two passions are teaching the law and the joy of writing.

Everyone needs to understand the law.  Laws are everywhere and affect our lives every day.

I also love helping others experience the exciting discoveries we make when we take pen to paper.

Please contact me for schools visits, speaking engagements and presentations.


For over twenty-five years, I had the honor and privilege of serving the people of Hawai`i as a trial judge.  My goals as a judge were simple: help everyone understand the legal process, explain their rights, treat everyone with dignity, listen and exercise compassion.

From Mokuleia to Waikiki to Haiku Gardens, I've performed hundreds of weddings and enjoy being part of that special moment.  I'd be honored to perform your ceremony.

I have also served as a consultant assisting courts with their strategic plans and provided judicial training on a number of topics including judicial decision making, handling self-represented litigants and embracing diversity.  If there is anyway I can assist your court, please feel free to contact me.